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K2 Marine Air Conditioning units have been designed and developed to optimise performance for your boat air conditioning needs. We have chosen to meld quality components together to produce high standard Marine Air Conditioners to form our range of Self Contained units, Split Gas Units & DC Air Conditioning system which have been tested in the harshest of conditions. Therefore, K2 Air System's air conditioning system has proven to be reliable, efficient and affordable.

All K2 Air Systems Control Boards, Temperature Sensors, and cables are made in the United States under strict quality standards.

Every Unit comes with an industry-standard 2-year warranty*

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The Marine air-conditioning process varies according to the application, from simple comfort-cooling to sophisticated total environmental control systems. Our products are fully capable to support and provide the required climatic environment inside your boat. With innovative technology and careful development K2 Air Systems have established a compact range of units with entry level units starting from Marine DC Air Conditioners all the way up to Split-Gas systems.

K2 Air Systems can provide either simple spot cooling for required areas or accurately control the whole on-board environment be it a 30'ft fast cabin cruiser with/without a marine generator or a 200’ft multi deck luxury yacht.  The teams of engineers at K2 can design the layout of the Yacht air conditioning system for maximum efficiency; the system is completely custom-built in order to meet the client’s technical requirements. Taking in account the proposed area of operation, lay-out, desired target temperature and number of occupants.

“We design systems that exactly fits your needs”.

K2 Air Systems have been built considering the harshest and hottest region around the world. The air conditioning system assures you of exactly the right required temperature, humidity level and air flow while keeping reduced sound levels as a priority to experience the highest level of comfort on-board. Moreover, by controlling the humidity level inside the boat, the interior and equipment stay in orderly condition; directly increasing the life of your boat.

The advanced system is superior in terms of compact size, design, EBM centrifugal fan-Blower technology and user friendly digital controls. And In our quest to build a marine air conditioning system for extreme conditions we are constantly researching and developing energy-saving solutions for our customers. We don’t just consider air conditioning a luxury in hot climate areas but also a necessity. Therefore, building an advanced system which is melded with high quality components that will last years without hassles.

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