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Designed & Manufactured to Middle East Specifications

Controls Designed & Developed in the USA.

  • Split Gas Marine Air Conditioning System Available in 230V 50Hz, 230V 60Hz, 115V 60Hz
  • Available in Single or Three Phase
  • Base valves for easy installation and maintenance 
  • Fitted with anti vibration mounts
  • B10 Cupronickel sea water condensers
  • Low Amp draw and quite operation
  • Rust-free Stainless Steel drain pan
  • Environmentally safe R410A refrigerant
  • CE certified product range
  • Reverse inclined Impeller Blowers for Compact installation, high air flow and near silent motor running




Split gas air conditioning systems are best suited when space is a concern and larger self-contained units (packaged type air conditioners) become inapt. For noise-critical and space-limited vessels the split gas air conditioning system is an overall more advantageous technology. The condensing unit is split from the air handler and so named as split gas air conditioner. The air handler or the evaporator remains in the space to be cooled and the compressor is placed either in the engine room or at any other secluded location on the boat. Then the two parts are connected using an insulated copper refrigerant line that can exceed up to lengths of 15 meters to operate the system at optimum efficiency and are conveniently run through confined spaces. The usefulness of split gas units is that the connected 2 or up to 3 Air handler (Evaporators) can be accommodated in small places and provides cooling very efficiently without the use of unnecessary lengthy ducting. Usually, split gas systems are used in yachts varying from 50ft to 110ft in length. The only factor limiting the number of split gas used that could be used is the space available and the 15 meter copper tubing lengths between the condensing unit and air handler. Ideal for boats that have precisely decorated/designed interior the copper tubing can run through small space available behind interior panel fixture.  Split gas units are a cost-effective replacement as compared to marine chiller systems. They are available in 230V-50Hz, 230V-60Hz, 115V-60Hz all designed to suit the extreme Middle East weather conditions. K2 Air Systems make the system more environment-friendly by using R410A refrigerant and B10 Cupronickel seawater condensers as a standard on the split gas air conditioning systems. K2 Air System provides a varied range of Split Gas system in Dubai, Doha and Kuwait along with technical expertise and backup services in the region.