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Designed & Developed in the USA.

  • User-friendly and intuitive 2.5” touch screen display requires no manual for basic operation
  • Provides all operational features and modes of any cabin control in the marine industry
  • Built-in inside temperature sensor
  • 24/7 Humidity Monitoring Keeps Your Boat Dry
  • LCD technology
  • CE certified product range

K2 Air system’s marine digital controls are designed and developed with the latest and advanced technologies of micro controller and LCD. It has several unique features that were not available earlier within the marine HVAC industry. It is designed to be very user-friendly, that for basic operations you don’t need a manual. The advanced features include a built-in temperature sensor, an option to set a code that limits other adjusting the temperature and 24/7 humidity monitoring. The 24/7 humidity monitoring keeps your boat dry and maintains optimum temperature throughout your boat. It is developed to provide all operational features and modes in every cabin. The display unit has a 2.5” color touch screen that is very simple to use. The digital controls are designed and developed in the USA with a CE certified product range. For the best in technology LCD digital control for marine air conditioners in Dubai, Doha and Kuwait contact K2 Air systems.

Made In USA