self contained marine air conditioner

K2-KMSC Series

Self-Contained unit from 10,000 BTU/h to 30,000 BTU/h


Designed & Manufactured to Middle East Specifications

Controls Designed & Developed in the USA.

  • Marine Air Conditioning Units Available in 230V 50Hz, 230V 60Hz, 115V 60Hz

  • Fitted with anti vibration mounts

  • B10 Cupronickel sea water condensers

  • Low Amp draw and quite operation

  • 316 Stainless Steel drain pan

  • Environmentally safe R410A refrigerant

  • CE certified product range

  • Reverse inclined Impeller Blowers for Compact installation, high air flow and near silent motor running

K2 Air System's self-contained air-conditioning units are the perfect solution for boats and yachts with one to four cabins. Self-contained units are very compact, easy to retrofit, efficient and quiet. Choose from K2's full line of self-contained Air Conditioning Systems.



Self-contained marine air conditioner is the most common type of air conditioning system and the most economic product offered by K2 Air System. Air conditioners previously used large compressors and condensers which were installed separately from air-handlers and evaporators, and the coolant was transported to the evaporators using copper tubes. Self-contained boat AC are a replacement to such kind of larger units as they are compact, quiet and efficient. They could be installed easily in the room to be cooled and can save both your money and space. The system is designed to cool a single area or several areas by splitting the air outlet. An additional duct can be installed with ease on these kinds of models because you won’t need a T or Y cold divider making it easy to retrofit. The capacity of the units varies from a smaller range of 7000 BTU to 16000 BTU and bigger range of 18000 BTU to 24000 BTU which can cool cruisers over 40 feet and sailboats over 45 feet. The capacity required should be chosen according to the dimensions of the room. It is important to choose an adequate one because an air conditioner with lesser capacity can end up wasting your money spent. The units are operated with wall-mounted LCD digital control. The 3 modes of operation are cooling, heating, de-humidification, with standard mode cooling and reverse cycle heating. K2 Air System provides a varied range of self-contained marine air conditioners in Dubai, Doha and Kuwait along with technical expertise and backup services in the region.

Generator Start up Load issues?
Not a Problem anymore!

Start Your Marine AC Without Buying A Second or Bigger Generator or Inverter by

Installing a Soft Starter to minimize the starting load on your Genset for smooth operation of your boat air conditioner.