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March pumps

Originator of the Centrifugal Seal-less Magnetic Drive Pump.

US Manufacturer Of Centrifugal Seal-less Magnetic Drive Pumps for Chemical, Industrial, Medical, Marine, Solar and OEM applications.

  • Flows from 1/2 gpm to 200 gpm

  • Heads up to 160 feet

  • Available in plastic and metallic construction

  • AC, DC, Explosion Proof, and Air Motors 

  • Submersible and Non-Submersible

March Pumps Typical Models
March Pump
March Pump
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k2 Magnetic pumps

Manufactured in Korea the K2 Magnetic Drive Pump is a micro engineered plastic sealed pump that adopts advanced magnetic coupling technology. 

K2 Pumps have no leakage problems or shaft seals and this solves the problem of leakage found in normal pumps. K2 Pumps have high grade of PP and PVDF that makes it highly reliable in Marine applications. 

The dimensions are very compact, volume very small and weight being very light makes it an ideal sea water and fresh water pump in  Yachts. 

K2 Pumps Typical Models
K2 Magnetic Pump
K2 Magnetic Pump
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Scot Pump manufactures End Suction All Bronze Centrifugal pumps for sea water applications in the Marine market.


The pumps are made from the highest quality castings and components to provide years of trouble free service. They are rugged heavy-duty simple designs for easy maintenance.


Scot has produced pumps for the US Navy and Coast Guard in Titanium, copper-nickel, iconel, monel, and bronze alloys 903, 922, 954, and 958.

Scot Pumps Typical Models
Scot Pump
P 3600 B3X
Scot Pump
PH 3000 BX-SP